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Frequently Asked Questions covering insurance, counselors, appointments & more.

"What if I don't have insurance?"

We have access to state funding that will pay for your counseling if you don't have insurance.

"How much time will this take?"

You are in control of how much time you invest in yourself. You set your own schedule of appointments with your counselor.

"What if l want to do online appointments but don't know how to do it?"

We send you a link and you click on it, that is all you have to do to access an online appointment.

"What if I start in-person appointments but can't make it one day?"

You always have the option to make an in-person appointment an online appointment so that you don't miss a session.

"What if I don't think my counselor is a good fit?"

No problem. Just call the office and request a transfer to another counselor. We have many counselors to choose from. No questions asked.

"Does going to counseling mean something is wrong with me?"

Your decision to engage in counseling means you are strong and goal-oriented. Just like a surgeon cannot operate on themselves, we need assistance sorting through what is going on in our minds and someone else to teach us the skills we were never shown.

"Shouldn't I just be able to talk to my friends about this stuff?"

Talking with our friends is very therapeutic, but what we are offering is the chance to learn the skills needed to make the changes you want to see permanently.