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Insurance: Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Individual and Family Therapy      by Appointment        M-F 8:30-5pm

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid and Alcohol Addiction

MRT Group Therapy


IPRS State Funding for the Uninsured   and LOW INCOME           AVAILABLE!!!!!


 STEPPING DOWN FROM SAIOP or ONLY HAVE A FEW HOURS A WEEK to attend treatment, MRT Group Therapy may be the option for you. Participants complete this program's 12 steps (not affiliated with AA/NA). Each participant is provided with a workbook; it's free and yours to keep. The program and its steps are outlined within the book. Each step has homework and assignments that participants complete prior to group meetings. Peers vote on participants' readiness to advance to the next step as evaluated through personal testimony and goal accomplishment. This program offers a high level of accountability and peer support! Begin developing your sober social support network here!  These are our highest attended groups ever!

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COMMIT TO INPATIENT TREATMENT,for any reason or if you are stepping down in level of care after completing Inpatient Treatment then this program is for you. SAIOP offers evidence based treatment provided in Individual, Family, and Group Therapy as well as providing case management. This program is offered 3 days per week for 3 hours at a time for 36 sessions. We have morning and evening groups in Wilmington and Leland. This service provides skill building, education, and support to achieve and maintain long-term abstinence and recovery:

  • Early Recovery Skills, Triggers, Relapse Justification, and Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Coping with Anger, Anxiety, Mood Management, Guilt, and Letting Go
  • Educating Family Members and yourself about the addiction process.
  • Repairing Relationships and Communication
  • Body and Brain in Recovery, Wellness and Self-Care; Managing Co-occurring disorders.
  • Urinalysis and Reporting if needed. Coordination with DSS, Drug Court, Probation, and DWI Court, and Community Referrals.
  • This service provides 24/7/365 Crisis Response


SELF-PAY RATES (Cash and Credit Card):$94 Initial Assessment; $50 Individual Therapy; $67 Family therapy; $20 Group Therapy; $85 1st appt with Medication Management Provider; $50 follow up appts; Vivitrol Injection $17 (doesn't include cost of med); $1500 SAIOP 36 sessions paid up front---.$1600 if paid in installments.

SAIOP: Mon,  Wed,  Fri   9am -12pm   or 6pm-9pm

MRT Groups:  Mon. 1-2:30pm; 6:30-8pm;  Wed 6:30-8pm

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP)

HELP FIGHT CRAVINGSwhile gaining the skills needed to maintain abstinence. A Helping Hand of Wilmington now offers the Vivitrol (Naltrexone) monthly injection or Revia (Naltrexone) daily oral pill, for our clients struggling with alcohol and/or opioid addictions. When combined with active treatment, data shows that Vivitrol or Revia assisted clients with having more days of complete abstinence; they stayed in treatment longer; reported less craving; and were less likely to relapse. Vivitrol (Naltrexone) and Revia (Naltrexone) are not addictive, are non-narcotic; won't prolong dependence on opioids or alcohol; doesn't replace or act as a substitute for opioids or alcohol, and is not pleasure inducing.


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Vivitrol and Revia:     Every 25-28 days  by appointment    Mon and Thurs Between 8:30-4pm